Create custom temporary tattoos of your logo, brand, or anything you wish in bulk. Perfect for parties, corporate events, product launches, photoshoots, in-product marketing, conferences, sports, weddings, or any other occasion.

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The largest variety of temporary and semi-permanent tattoos in the market. FDA and EU compliant products delivered to any event Worldwide.

Mettallic Temporary Tattoos

Metalic tattoos are a great way to make your brand message stick out! Create a custom metallic temporary tattoo that lasts for 3-5 days and is easily removed as well!

Glitter Temporary Tattoos

Let your business shine! Try our glitter temporary tattoos and let them brighten up your customer experience. Similar to classic temporary tatts, they last 3-5 days and are easily removed as well.

Glow-in-the-dark Temporary Tattoos

Great for nightime events! Try our glowing tattoos. Your supporters will be easy to spot - the white parts of the temporary tattoo will GLOW in the dark!

Tear-Off Tattoos

Share it with your customers! We offer tattoo sheets that can be shared between several people! Temporary, glitter or metalic option. It is up to you!
Semi-permanent tattoos offer a longer yet still quite short amount of time to INKspire your customers. They last up to fourteen days and the removal process is the same. Semi-permanent tattoos can be manufactured in black (dark blue) only.

Classic Temporary Tattoos

Elevate your brand with our custom temporary tattoos! These aren't just ink, they're a powerful statement. Infuse them with your unique colors and watch your logo come to life! Application and removal are super easy and take just minutes.

Why choose our products?

  • Made in USA

    Over 5 Million Tattoos produced and sold since 2014 from Arizona, USA.

  • Easy to apply

    All you need is a tattoo, a bit of cloth, water and you are good to go.

  • 100% Skin-Safe

    We use FDA approved ink only. It's safe for all skin types.


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What is a custom tattoo? 

Easy way of making your logo or favourite design into a fake tattoo.


YES! We offer a classic black and color temporary tattoos BUT also glitter temporary tatoos, metallic (gold/silver) tattoos, semi-permanent (black Only), tear off tattoos
and glowing in the dark temporary tattoos.


Our temporary tattoos are much more versatile than you think. They last under water and even glow in the dark if you want to. Mostly they make your brand shine in ways others can only dream of.

How do I apply a custom tattoo?

Application is easy - same as our temporary tattoos: place the custom tattoo on designated spot, press and hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo for about 30 seconds, gently slide the paper off your skin, use THE Towel to make your fake tattoo look real ;)

How do I remove my custom tattoo?

Use baby oil, rubbing alcohol gently rub it off.

What sizes do you offer?

Your custom tattoo can be as small or big as you want. Choose from 7 sizes ranging from 2"x 2" up to 8"x 8".