Why choose our custom tattoos?

  • Full colors

    Make your tattoo bright. Use any color you want, we will make it happen.

  • Background removal

    Remove unnecessary background with just one click.

  • Easy to apply

    All you need is a tattoo, a bit of cloth, water and you are good to go.

  • Lasts 3-5 days

    INKjoy your temporary tattoo. Good for festivals, parties or any special occasions.

How it works?

Step One

Upload your favorite photo or make your own design or text in our smart custom tool.

Step Two

Select the perfect size for your tattoo.

Step Three

Remove background with one simple click to let your picture shine!

Step Four

Add text if you like. Choose from different types of fonts and colors.

Step Five

Place your order, apply and inkjoy your new tattoo!

Turn your photo into an original tattoo!

Got a favorite photo? Turn it into temporary tattoo! Spice it up with our special tools – background removal, full color palette, adding text.

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Get INKspired!

Whether you're commemorating a special event, expressing your identity, or simply trying out new style, our custom temporary tattoos provide a safe and exciting way to experiment.

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What is a custom tattoo? 

Easy way of making your favourite memory into a fake tattoo

Can I remove background from my photo?

YES!  Use our smart tool to remove background on your photos to make your temporary tattoo pop out.

Does custom tattoo have a colorful option?

YES! Our custom tattoos are as colorful as you make them.

What features can be used in our custom temporary tattoo app?
  • Upload - any design or photo you want to use
  • Background removal - remove anything that you do not want on your temporary tattoo with one simple click
  • Text - choose from different fonts and colors

How do I apply a custom tattoo?

Application is easy - same as our temporary tattoos: place the custom tattoo on designated spot, press and hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo for about 30 seconds, gently slide the paper off your skin, use THE Towel to make your fake tattoo look real ;)

How do I remove my custom tattoo?

Use baby oil, rubbing alcohol gently rub it off.

What sizes do you offer?
  • Your custom tattoo can be as small or big as you want. Choose from 7 sizes ranging from 2"x 2" up to 8"x 8".