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Momentary Ink is the first and only way to test drive your tattoo before it’s there forever. Through our proprietary product and matting solution, we’ve bridged the gap between the look of a permanent tattoo and the lifetime of a temporary one. 

Now anyone can get a glimpse into life with that deeply meaningful tattoo before committing for a lifetime.

There’s been a huge shift away from the cookie-cutter tattoos and impulsive tattoo-buying of the past as tattoos go from subculture to pop culture. In the now $3.4 billion tattoo industry, meaningful, complex and often custom designs are the dominating trend among today’s ink. This complicates the decision and requires a more flexible tattoo process. That’s where Momentary Ink comes in.

Upload any image of your custom tattoo design or one you find on the web. We’ll clean it up and ship you a replica with our proprietary matting solution that’s indistinguishable from the real thing and wearable for 3-10 days (depending on location). Now customers have a way to test drive different designs and placements which was never an option before Momentary Ink..
In March of 2015, my wife and I were interested in getting tattoos to commemorate our time living in Austin, TX but I didn’t know what to get or where on my body to get it. Momentary Ink was born.

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