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500k+ tattoos shipped

91% customer rating

Made in the USA

Momentary Ink exists to celebrate moments and artistic expression to effect positive change where we work and live 🧡


Is this like a temporary tattoo?
Our proprietary process combines high-quality temporary tattoos with our proprietary sealing and matting solution, Real Teal™, to give your tattoo a realistic, lived-in look.
How long does it last?
Depends on the detail in your tattoo, where it’s applied on your body, your skin-type (dry, oily) how well you take care of it. That said, it ranges from 2-5 days. (though some customers have worn their design for weeks!) We’ll provide some tips on how to make it last as long as possible with your shipment! The first 24 hours are the most sensitive so be sure to avoid friction during this period.
When will I get it?
We ship most orders out same or next day from Philadelphia, PA. So about 3-5 days to your door (7-14 days for international shipments).
How do custom designs work?
Upload or create your design here. You'll have a chance to add notes for our design team AND we'll reach out if we have any questions about what you're looking for, before shipping.
Do you offer free shipping and returns?
Get free shipping over $30 and enjoy free returns for temporary tattoo orders!
So...This is legit?
Yes. Born, raised and shipped from Philly, PA since 2015. Holla.