25 Temporary Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Temporary Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Whether it’s animals, flowers, or inspiring messages, your girls will fall in love with these tattoo options.


Dainty and delicate, the Scilla flower symbolizes loyalty and fidelity. Its flowers are typically blue but can also be white, pink, or purple. Gift this Scilla tattoo to a reliable and trusted friend. The design is beautiful, but the colors make it pop.

When you can’t choose just one flower, go for a bouquet! This lovely outlined bouquet tattoo design features five spring flowers that will pep up any outfit. We especially love the miniature cattails.

If your girl loves the night sky AND flowers, you’re in luck. This Flower’s Night tattoo design features a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a crescent moon. Springtime flowers are flanked by delicate leaves in a black outline. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

Roses are timeless, classic, and feminine. Your gal will love this tea rose tattoo that is so luscious it almost looks real. It features a pink rose in full bloom with three little leaves at the bottom. Pair it with a formal gown or your favorite tank top. It’ll look amazing either way.

Birds & Butterflies

This colorful tattoo features birds and flowers — a perfect combo for any girl. It features three birds flying around a bundle of pink, red, green, black, purple, yellow, and orange flowers. It’s a beautiful piece of art that exudes a sense of harmony.

Little girls are bundles of lightness and joy, which is exactly what hummingbirds symbolize. This hummingbird watercolor tattoo features a purple, blue and green hummingbird in flight. Your girl can use the bright colors as a fashion accessory, and it’ll match any outfit.

Hosting a flamingo-themed party? Or maybe even a backyard luau? Flamingo temporary tattoos are sure to be a hit among the little girls in attendance. A pink watercolor flamingo tattoo will look cute and summery no matter where she puts it — on her shoulder, ankle, wrist, or back.

Peacocks like to strut their stuff, as do confident little girls. A brilliant blue peacock feather temporary tattoo will make any girl giggle with glee. It’s sure to stand out and be a conversation starter with her friends and family! You could even give this to a girl who is still hiding in her shell. Its vibrance may inspire her to spread her wings.

They say kids grow while they sleep, so in a way, they undergo a transformation every night — just like a butterfly when it goes through metamorphosis. If your little lovebug matches this description, get her this monarch butterfly tattoo. It features the male monarch (black dots along the veins of its wings) in mid-flight.

Feathers represent freedom, trust, honesty, and strength — all things a girl needs in her life. Give her a feather temporary tattoo that features vibrant little pops of color. It would look cute popping out of a sock, on a shoulder, or on her arm.

A great gift for a pair of sisters or two best friends, this bird tattoo features an infinity symbol that will showcase their love for one another. Three birds flutter around the symbol, which also has the word “Always” on one of the loops.


For the fierce girl in your life, choose a temporary tattoo that matches her strong yet feminine personality. This floral lion temporary tattoo features the face of a male lion. It has a flowy mane with flowers tucked near its ear and chin. She’s sure to stand out in a crowd with this tattoo.

Winnie the Pooh is a loveable cartoon bear everyone wants to hug. If you’re hosting a party full of whimsical girls, they’ll love this Pooh temporary tattoo, featuring the bear flying along with a bundle of balloons.

Cats have a mind of their own, but we can all agree they’re adorable. Little girls love cats and can relate to them too — spunky, sometimes cranky, always cute. This abstract temporary tattoo of a cat will no doubt match their personality — right down to the button nose.

If your girl is looking for a tattoo to share with her bestie, this is it. These two koi swimming alongside each other symbolize friendship and the duality of life — in other words, maybe your girl’s friend is the yin to her yang. This koi tattoo is primarily black and white but features pops of red.

A fox symbolizes playfulness, intelligence, and mischief, and girls know a thing or two about these behaviors. This fox temporary tattoo features the furry creature with its hind legs in the air, seemingly dancing its worries away.

Kittens, like girls, are always so playful. They’ll love this cat temporary tattoo which also features a butterfly. Far from boring, this tattoo features a cat in silhouette, reaching up to touch a black butterfly. The lower half of the cat is decorated in an intricate mandala design.


There are so many options when it comes to choosing a stellar temporary tattoo. If your little girl is into constellations or zodiac signs, check out this collection of zodiac temporary tattoos.

Adventure & Words

For the adventurous type, try this travel tattoo collection featuring four designs. Choose from two different maps, a palm tree, or a road surrounded by trees. Even if she can’t travel during the summer, these tattoos will keep her adventurous spirit alive.

For the most colorful temporary tattoo around, give your girl this rainbow arrow tattoo. She can point it in any direction she pleases. The arrow starts with red at the back and flows through the whole rainbow to the tip of the arrowhead.

Whether they love their mom, their friend, or a good bowl of ice cream, girls love love. Get them a tattoo that shows off their loving spirit! This infinity symbol tattoo features the word “love” on one of the loops. It’ll go with any outfit!

Sometimes, girls need a little reminder that they are incredible and should believe in themselves. To help them remember, share this “Believe” tattoo featuring a bird in flight and the word “believe” in script writing. It’s a gentle reminder that they can only get better from here if they just believe.

Temporary Tattoos for Girls

Temporary tattoos are a fun way for girls to express themselves. Feed their love of art with tattoos that match their personality.

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